• Caffeine vs. Your Skin

    The first thing most of us do in the morning is grab a cup of coffee – it can be an absolute necessity! But after years of drinking coffee and adding ...

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    Caffeine vs. Your Skin
  • Go-To Beauty Brand: Philosophy

      I feel like I breezed through high school pretty well with no major skin problems. I can't recall experiencing humiliating acne and I never ...

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    Go-To Beauty Brand: Philosophy
  • Autumn Plaid Knits

    Happy Friday!  I never thought this week would end - ever. Although my favorite season ended today, I can't help but look forward to watching movies ...

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    Autumn Plaid Knits
  • Love or Hate: Summer Fridays

    There are a few essentials that I keep in my bag when I travel (which is pretty dang often). I for sure need: a good face moisturizer a sleep ...

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    Love or Hate: Summer Fridays

    Paris is a wonderland of inspiration, architecture, imagination, and nostalgia. It is every bit of a fantasy as one can make it to be. I've heard many ...

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